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  • Home
  • Home page of Sean H. Smith's BioDesign portfolio and EcoActive ecological education website.

  • About

    Background information about Sean H. Smith.

    • Resume
    • Social media specialist of ecology, conservation, and sustainability resume of Sean H. Smith.

    • Research
    • Research papers written by Sean H. Smith pertaining to science, the environment, and interactive media.

  • Portfolio

    Portfolio page including all design, web development, Adobe Flash animations, illustrations, and photography work of Sean H. Smith

    • Photo Gallery

      Galleries of wildlife and scenic photographs taken by Sean H. Smith.

    • Animations
    • Adobe Flash animations designed and created by Sean H. Smith

    • Design
    • Digital design used for online marketing and advertising purposes. This includes web design and graphic design for logos and online images.

      • Web Design
      • Corporate websites designed and developed individually and as a part of a collaborative team. Sean H. Smith provided photography, photo editing, copy writing, web coding, and overall design and development of the websites found on this page.

      • Graphic Design
      • New and redesigned logos created for new and existing companies to improve their brand integrity. All designs were created by Sean H. Smith

    • Social Media
    • Corporate social media pages created as part of a collaborative team. EcoActive brand social media pages designed and managed by Sean H. Smith.

    • Tools
    • This page includes lists of the software programs, scripting languages, Web 2.0 tools, APIs, etc. used to create this website and EcoActive social media pages.

    • Acknowledgments
    • Kudos to the programers, code writers, websites, and associated companies that provided me with coding that was implemented to give my content their appropriate functionality.

  • EcoActive

    The ecological, conservation, sustainability education portion of Sean H. Smith's website.

    • Webcasts
    • Recorded live webcasts produced by Sean H. Smith.

    • Species Information
    • Page containing information regarding the ecology, ecosystems, conservation, behavior, and morphology of varrying animal species.

  • Contact

    Contact email, EcoActive Facebook page, EcoActiveSean Twitter feed, LinkedIn profile, and EcoActive Wordpress blog.

    • LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn professional profile of Sean H. Smith.

    • Blog
    • EcoActive Wordpress blog containing information about ecology, conservatoin, sustainability, the environment, and interactive media.

    • Twitter
    • EcoActiveSean Twitter feed.

    • Facebook
    • EcoActive Facebook fan page.