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Welcome to the EcoActive section of my website.

This is the educational part of my site that focuses on ecology, conservation, and sustainability. I hope you find the pages within entertaining,interactive, and informative. I wanted my site to be different from the majority of biology themed websites you find across the Internet.

To emphasize this I chose to name my brand EcoActive. I believe it highlights my studies in both ecology and interactive media and my interest to bring the two fields together to revolutionize how people acquire scientific information and gain knowledge. With this knowledge people will more likely be able to make more informed decisions and affect change in policy and legislation that impact our planet and our lives.

The pages that make up EcoActive include information about animals on this planet who's existence is threatened, live ecological webcasts, recordings of those webcasts, and interactive maps. In the coming months I look forward to developing and including more content such as interactive games and puzzles, discussion forums, as well as video and more webcasts.

I look forward to this venture and finding out where it takes me and the biological sciences. I truly believe we are at the precipe of change in the biological sciences and I'm excited to be one of the few at the edge looking down upon all the potential to make our planet greener.

So, let me know what you think and please, feel free to provide any input or suggestions.

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