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Photo of me
Welcome to BioDesign, my portfolio and ecological website.

I have a strong belief that the field of biology is in the midst of a major change in regards to sparking people's interests and concerns about the environment, ecology, and conservation. Multimedia and interactive media will be the key to this change as it is able to engage and entertain audiences in ways that are unattainable by books, lectures, or even documentaries.

Let me give you a little background about myself while you're here. My interests in wildlife and the environment began at a young age. As a child I spent hours and days on end with my brother prowling the potato farm down the street from our childhood home in search of snakes, mice, insects, and other wildlife that inhabited the area. I was fascinated by the variety of snakes and their anatomy, the various rodents they preyed upon, and the flora that surrounded us.

To my delight, and to the dismay of my mother, I would come home with five-gallon buckets full of garter snakes, which provided endless amusement. I suppose that fascination and amusement is what has driven my interest and passion over the years in the conservation of our planet and the animals that inhabit it.

Years later, I graduated from Elon University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a consentration in ecology and conservation. Upon graduating I knew I wanted to get into the field of biology but didn't know exactly which direction to go. After 11 years I had gotten as far away from the biological sciences as possible by entering the sales and management business.

I was starting to figure out which new direction to head in professional life when my brother sent me a video from the E3 Gaming Conference. It was a promotional video for Xbox's Project Natal featuring a game called Milo. The game's ability to react and respond to the user and recognize one's emotions and expressions got me thinking about using technology, such as video games and augmented reality, to educate students or the public about science.

Around that same time I was recruited for a new interactive media Master's program at my alma mater and jumped at the chance.

When I first began graduate school I did question whether I had made the right decision to join this program, being that I came from a background outside of communications. However, as time progressed and I started researching relationships between biology and interactive media, I came to realize that my interests are right at the forefront of a revolution in the biological sciences. Researchers are starting to take advantage of new media to collect and share data while businesses and organizations are looking to mimic nature in the way they design and run their companies.

With this realization of where I stand and my Master of Arts Degree in Interactive Media, I have a unique set of skills and abililities that will help me excel and succeed in my return to biology field.

Please examine my resume by clicking here.

Feel free to review my research located here